2 Ways to Change LiteBlue Password – RESET LiteBlue USPS Password

The United States Postal Services or USPS for short is the most popular postal services organization in the nation. Each and every citizen of the nation prefer USPS for sending physical letters, couriers, big parcels etc. to their loved ones due to the amazing quality of the services USPS provides. The entire credit for this goes to almost 700000 employees of USPS who work together as a big family and make it possible for the organization to render flawless, impeccable, and immaculate services. It is understandably tough to manage such an immense number of employees. However, USPS does so marvelously with the aid and assistance of the LiteBlue USPS Login portal.


LiteBlue USPS GOV – Change Password

As an employee of USPS, you can access the information regarding your employee benefits, payslips, work schedules, loans, available retirement plans and much more on the LiteBlue USPS Login Portal. You can even check out the available vacancies for higher roles in the organization, eligibility for the vacancies, and seek career growth advice. Even if you want to be aware of the current happenings as well as the latest news and upcoming events in the organization, LiteBlue USPS Login portal is the key. In order to access this myriad of information, as a first step, you require logging in to the LiteBlue USPS Portal. However, what to do if you happen to forget your LiteBlue login password? Don’t worry we have got the same covered for you in this post.

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How to Get LiteBlue USPS Login Password? (liteblue.usps.gov)

Once the USPS hires you; you will receive an employee ID and within a few days of your hiring, you will get a temporary password for Self-Service Profile (SSP). LiteBlue portal is a part of the tools present in the Self-Service Profile. If you haven’t received your password yet, you can create the same here(https://ssp.usps.gov/ssp-web/einVerification.xhtml). Just verify your employee ID here and later follow the on-screen instructions to set up your password.

Please note that if you happen to have the temporary password, you can use the same to login into the official LiteBlue Login portal: https://liteblue.usps.gov/wps/portal.

liteblue login - Change LiteBlue USPS Password

liteblue login – Change LiteBlue USPS Password

Once you log in using the default password, you receive a prompt to change your password immediately. Here, after confirming the new password LiteBlue USPS Gov Login, you require selecting two security-questions and provide their answers. This is for the portal to identify you in the case to happen to forget your password. You require entering your email address as well on the LiteBlue USPS Change Password screen. Thereafter, don’t forget to confirm your email address within 72 hours.

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How To Recover LiteBlue USPS Password (liteblue.usps.gov)

It might happen that you forget your LiteBlue USPS Login Password. What to do in this case? Please follow the method outlined below to reset your LiteBlue USPS Login Password.

Reset LiteBlue USPS Login Password | Change LiteBlue USPS Password

Method 1: Change LiteBlue Password (Reset Login Password)

  • Please launch the website https://reg.usps.com/forgot on your laptop or mobile browser.
  • Wait for the webpage to load.
  • Once the webpage loads, you will see a screen to enter your USPS Username.

recover login password

  • Thereafter, please follow the on-screen instructions to reset/change your LiteBlue USPS Login Password.
  • You will get a password reset link on your registered email address.
  • Use the password reset link to reset/change your LiteBlue USPS Login Password.

Method 2: Reset/Change LiteBlue USPS Login Password

  • Please launch the official LiteBlue USPS Login Portal: https://liteblue.usps.gov/wps/portal.
  • Wait for the webpage to load.
  • Once the webpage loads up, you will notice a link ‘Forgot your password?’ under the blocks laid down to receive your employee ID and USPS Password.
  • Please click on that link and it will redirect you to USPS Self-Service Profile EIN Verification Page.
  • Enter your 8 digits Employee ID in the space provided and click on Verify Employee ID button.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions thereafter and you will receive a Reset Password Link on your registered email address.
  • Use the Password Reset Link received on your email address to reset/change your USPS Login Password.

Congratulations! You have successfully reset or you have changed LiteBlue USPS Login Password.

Safeguard your Login Credentials from Phishing attacks

Please note that there is a multitude of websites available on the World Wide Web spoofing as the original LiteBlue Login website. Make sure that you enter your login credentials in the official LiteBlue USPS Login portal only to safeguard your account from phishing attacks. Phishing means you happen to enter your login credentials on a website which is exactly similar to the original website but is a fake one and a hacker has designed the same to gain access to your login credentials. When you enter your login credentials on a phishing website, your credentials in their direct form store themselves in the hacker’s database.

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Final Words: How to Change LiteBlue PassWord (Guide)

These were the steps through which you can change/reset your LiteBlue USPS Login Password. In case you have any queries, please drop the same in the comments section provided below. We will try our level best to provide you with the required answers.

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