eRetire – LiteBlue USPS Gov Employee Retirement Application 2019

It is extremely arduous and demanding for all the big organizations of the world, which house over 600000 employees, to manage and provide essential employee-related services to the workers. The best way to manage the same effect and efficaciously is to bring in a self-service tool which the employees themselves can access. In this post, we are talking about the United States Postal Services, USPS for short, which, as you might know, is one of the largest organizations and the backbone of the mail and the courier service in the United States of America.

LiteBlue USPS Retirement

LiteBlue USPS Retirement Updated Guide

For managing the immense number of employees, USPS introduced several self-service tools for the workers. LiteBlue is one of the self-service tools provided by USPS that houses several employee-related services like ePayroll, HR Services, employment benefits, career-related information, eRetire etc. In this post, we are going to talk about LiteBlue USPS Retirement – eRetire Application for USPS Employees.

About eRetire – LiteBlue USPS Employee Retirement

A significant part of the LiteBlue Login, the eRetire portal, as you can guess from the name, enables the USPS employees to view their retirement-related options and plans. If a USPS Employee is facing any difficulty in knowing about the retirement plans for which he/she is eligible, he/she can immediately head to the LiteBlue Login eRetire portal to acquire the information. The portal enables employees to understand the rules regarding various retirement plans. From the eRetire portal employees can even opt for and start on their desired retirement plan.

USPS Employee LiteBlue eRetire Retirement Criterion & Eligibility

Following are the three sets of employees who are eligible for the retirement benefits:

  • Employees with five (5) years of eligible retirement.
  • Employees with 180 days (6 months) of eligible retirement.
  • Employees who are currently eligible for retirement.

All the full-time employees of the USPS are eligible for the retirement plans. For those who are working part-time for the USPS like postal inspectors; they require inquiring manually from their respective head of departments for the retirement benefits and plans available for them. Please note, as a part-time employee, it may take up to 14 days to get the reply for the retirement-related queries in the form of an email.

Login to LiteBlue USPS Employees Portal

After an employee has located the right retirement plan, he/she can wait for his/her eligibility towards the same. The employees can download and print or order a retirement application package from LiteBlue Login through eRetire for receipt within 7-20 days of a request. They can also schedule either a group retirement information sharing session or an individual session after 3 months (90 days) of retirement eligibility date. LiteBlue eRetire provides a list of available dates & time frames for the employee to choose from.

Everything About LiteBlue ePayroll System:

USPS LiteBlue ePayroll & USPS GOV Online Earning Statements for Employee.

LiteBlue USPS eRetire Application – Where and How to Apply?

An employee can access the USPS eRetire application via the LiteBlue Login through either of the following three options:

  • Employee Apps -> eRetire (Present in the Quick Links).
  • My HR -> Employee Apps -> eRetire.
  • Employee Apps option is also present at the lower part of the ‘My HR’ platform. Tap on Employee Apps -> eRetire.
Liteblue USPS Employee Retirement

USPS LiteBlue eRetire Employment Retirement

LiteBlue USPS eRetire – Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What is the maximum benefit an employee can get?

A – Annuity cannot exceed 80% of an employee’s top 3 average salaries, excluding unused sick leave.

Q – What is the minimum retirement age?

A – Under the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS), the Minimum Retirement Age is 55 years. Once employees have up to ten (10) years of service and have reached this age, they can retire with benefits. Take note that if they, however, retire before they are 62, a continuous reduction of 5% per annum deducts from their benefits.

Q – Are unused annual leaves eligible for payment?

Yes! For every unused leave an employee holds at the point of his/her retirement, he/she will be paid for the same.

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Everything About LiteBlue USPS eRetire (

This was all regarding the LiteBlue USPS eRetire portal. The eRetire portal has made life a lot easier for the USPS employees as they can access and apply for the retirement benefits and plans online. Moreover, as mentioned above, they can schedule sessions to get further information on retirement benefits and plans. However, we, definitely, recommend visiting your USPS’ department personnel service center for receiving personalized help and directions.

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