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If we speak about mail and courier service in the United States of America, the name of USPS features on the top. Almost, all citizens of the United States of America depend on USPS for quality postal and courier services. The employees working under USPS make sure that the mails and couriers reach on time and both the sender and receiver don’t have to face any kind of problem. This is the primary reason behind the success of USPS in the nation. The affordable and quality services provided by USPS are unequaled and unparalleled. Senders, as well as receivers, can track their shipments as well. USPS provides an efficient tracking system to make sure that the customers know where exactly their shipment is at the moment.

If you are thinking or have dispatched already your shipment through USPS, you must be interested to know about the status of your shipment. In this post, we are going to share with you the steps to track your shipment sent via USPS. United States Postal Service Human Resources Department (HRSSC) can be contacted and the time is mentioned down.

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USPS Tracking Number – Steps to Track USPS Shipment

Follow the below given simple steps to track USPS Shipment via USPS Tracking Number.

  • Please launch the browser from your mobile or PC and navigate to
  • Wait for the home page of USPS to load up.

LiteBlue USPS Tracking for Shipment

  • Once the webpage loads up, you require selecting the option of ‘Track and Manage.’
USPS LiteBlue HR Contact Tracking

USPS HR Contact for Tracking

  • On the next webpage that comes up, you can see the option to ‘Track your Package’ where you can enter up to 35 tracking numbers at once.
  • Please enter your USPS tracking number and hit the ‘Search’ icon.

The tracking number is present on the shipping receipt and usually starts with 9400. If you wish you can also ‘Sign Up’ to get tracking details automatically as an SMS or an email. You can also choose to receive the photos of your traveling parcel. If you choose to Sign Up, you can also avail the ‘Schedule a Pickup’ service wherein the USPS persons will come at your address to pick the shipment for you. You need not to go to the post office. If you face any issues with USPS tracking not working, not updating, numbers not working, API update not working or any other issues, do let us know in comments or

Everything About LiteBlue ePayroll System:

USPS LiteBlue ePayroll & USPS GOV Online Earning Statements for Employee.

How To Contact the USPS Human Resources Department? (HRSSC)

This service is for USPS Employees. If a USPS Employee wishes to contact the HR they can go through the following:

  • USPS employees can contact the USPS HRSSC at 1-877-477-3273, option 5.
  • USPS HRSSC TDD/TTY is available on 1-866-260-7507 for assistance with setting up your password.
  • The PostalEASE HR phone number is 1-877-477-3273, option 1.

Please be ready with your Employee Identification Number and USPS PIN before calling. The hours of operation for the HRSSC are Monday through Friday, 7:00 am – 8:30 pm EST.

USPS Human Resources Department Address:

Regarding benefits and compensation, please write to:



PO Box 970400

Greensboro NC


Regarding retirements, please write to:



PO Box 970400

Greensboro NC


Best Methods: 2 Ways to Change LiteBlue USPS Address Change for Postal Employees.

How To check LiteBlue USPS Schedule & Work Hours?

As a USPS Employee, if you wish to monitor your hours, then you require heading to the ePayroll facility under LiteBlue Login Online USPS Portal. It contains the details for each pay period. Please note that the numbers are not ‘live.’ The portal displays the work hours in the last pay period, once your paycheck comes up. Therefore you have to record and keep a track of your work hours separately by yourself in a notebook or via a smartphone application and later compare the same to your paystub. Please request a clock ring report in order to find out where the hours recorded in your notebook differs from the numbers mentioned in your payslip.

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